Peace and globalization

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The Globalization and the Peace:

Generally speaking, globalization may be defined in many different ways. It is about integration between organizations, corporations and even states,distributed across various places of the world. The range the term globalization covers is very large, as it includes economical, technological, cultural and political aspects. The newest and most modernarea globalization refers to nowadays is the worldwide web, that each and every one of us uses on a rather regular basis.

The unification of the markets, economies and also of the diverse waysof life across the world can only be in our service. The most eye-catching result is the equal distribution of the prices, products and wages, of the rates of interest and profits, no matter thecountry in question. 

Since a few years, the world is entered in a period of globalization. This globalization can be observed in many sectors. The most important is the economic globalization andthe development of one global market. The question is to know if the globalization is a factor of peace or if the peace is a consequence of this globalization?

Capitalism and economic freedompromote peace. Globalization can be understood as a process of market expansion and market integration, as the development of capitalism. The diffusion of prosperity, free trade, and democratizationis part of the story

Humankind desperately wants peace. One of the most promising ways to achieve this age-old objective is to establish global governance. Today, perhaps more than at anyother time in human history, we may be approaching the realm of worldwide cooperative governance.
There are spoilers, of course, including Russia with its belligerent attitude toward the West, Iran andNorth Korea each involved in a nuclear impasse, Sudan and its resistance to resolving the international crisis of Darfur, and the international impact of al-Qaeda and the Taliban.