People or not

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People or not People ?

That is a hard question. How to improve the world and its business? Politicians, economists, company’s directors, Presidents,sociologists, journalists… Everybody try to ameliorate the business life.

I would like to give my opinion. I know that I am nobody in this big world, but I have a smallidea about what could be change about people magazine.

This press mainly consists of weekly magazines, as it is the case in France. In the Anglo-Saxon countries,on the other hand the popular, said tabloid daily press, is often associated with the press celebrity. A scandal newspaper presents big photos, the main headlines: asuperficial journalism.

The weekly purchase of magazines of this press magazine is translated by the attachment of readers in particular titles. This attachmentechoes in the purchase by the rite of this one in a fixed day.

Everything is displayed in broad daylight, nothing seems too intimate. The success is such as anew magazine celebrity is launched every week. The competition between the titles makes fury with for results some more of scandals and prices are always lower. InFrance, three million newspapers celebrity are sold every week.

The " press celebrity " specialized in the treatment of the private life of the personalities isone of categories of press most saleswomen even if it does not escape the crisis: breathlessness for the last quarter 2010. That of sales: 20,7 % for Gala, 18,3 %for Voici, 14,2 % for Closer, 10,5 % for Public, 20,4 % for VSD for the first quarter 2009. And that of the advertising market: 13 % for the press magazine.
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