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Who is Boudha, unlike in most religions where the common belief is in a higher natural power like God, Boudhism does not hold such ideals, a Boudha is a person who achieves a spiritual level calledBodhi that of being enlightened since Boudha means the awakened one and anyone can become a Boudha.
Siddattha Gotama was the original teacher of Boudhism, he was an Indian Prince who lived a life ofluxury as befits royalty until the age of 29 when he left his Palace to seek for peace since he felt that everything around him in the universe will eventually die. Sorrow and pain are a prelude todeath. Siddattha decided to find a cure for humanity's sorrow. He searched for answers from great scholars, philosophers and thinkers who introduced different practices but he was never fully satisfiedas he felt it did not fulfill his search for the truth by becoming an ascetic. He practiced abstinence and penance for 6 long years For the six years he suffered, he eventually realized the uselessnessof complete abstinence and penance since it led to sick health when he was not in a state of meditation.
Guided by the knowledge Siddattha came upon the Middle Path of thinking. While sitting underthe Bodhi tree in deep meditation, he attained enlightenment and became buddha.
Buddha realized suffering was due to selfishness and attachement to life and its material and non material pleasures.As buddha, Siddattha taught his philosophy until the age of 80, when he passed into Nirvana.
Siddarttha thought his people to rely on themselves. Depending on others is not constructive. Accordingto Buddhism, anyone can reach a state of perfection.
The Buddha was born as Siddhattha Gotama (or, Siddhartha Gautama in Sanskrit) 2,600 years ago in north India. He was a prince " his father ruledthe kingdom of Sakyas (in modern Nepal). As was the custom of the time, he was married at the age of 16.
......The young prince and his beautiful wife lived in the lap of luxury and had every...