Persuasive speech affirmative action

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program designed to rectify racism and reverse the effects of both past and present discrimination; on the other side are those who simply see it as another form of discrimination, giving one groupextra advantages based upon nothing but their skin color.
* It is unfair to judge applicants on anything other than their merits. – There are numerous factors that a college should take intoaccount when considering applicants – grades, test scores, and extra-curricular activities. An applicant’s race is not a legitimate factor to take into consideration because it is outside of the student’scontrol. It is impossible for a college to consider every aspect of a student’s background when making decisions on whom to admit. Why focus on race when there are so many other things thatdifferentiate students from one another?
* Affirmative action does not lead to true diversity. – Diversity of opinion is important in an academic community, not racial diversity. Affirmative action providesan advantage to some people because of the color of their skin. This is not an attribute that is relevant to the academic mission of a college. Affirmative action gives preferential treatment basedexclusively on race, which is a purely external characteristic.
* Affirmative action does not help really disadvantaged groups. – In many cases, affirmative action does not achieve its goal ofhelping disadvantaged minority groups. What it does is perpetuates socioeconomic inequalities by making it easy for members of racial minorities from privileged backgrounds to get into prestigiouscolleges while not helping members of the lower classes.

Opponents of affirmative action such as George Sher believe that affirmative action devalues the accomplishments of people who are chosen basedon the social group to which they belong rather than their qualifications.[44] Opponents also contend that affirmative action devalues the accomplishments of all those who belong to groups it is...