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SOS koutchi is an ambition for our group more than a simple project, we have worked on it with the constant hope to realise it as soon as we graduate from Ilcs School.

Theobjectif of SOS Koutchi consists on creating an agency with modernity and traditions aspect of koutchis in Marrakech, this wonderful city that attracts each year a great number ofnational and international tourists.

SOS Koutchi will provide the markets three kinds of services: Dora koutchi, VIP koutchi, and Ours koutchi. In addition to the innovative designs ofthe koutchis, our agency will be positioned in the marked owing to the variety of its contact methods, meaning that the clients will have the opportunity to reserve our services whethervia a phone call or fax, internet, or by contacting directly the agency.

Sos koutchi’s segments are national, international tourists and the resident of Marrakech as well.Meanwhile, In order to determine our clients segment, we have elaborated a questionnaire that allowed us to figure out the following data: the gender, our target age, the socio-professionaltarget, and the geographic location of the potential clients.

SOS Koutchi has direct and indirect concurrent that will threaten our incomes, the direct concurrent are the Koutchisexisting in the market, while the indirect concurrent are the touristy bus and the small train.

In order to promote our innovative services, the department of advertising has elaboratedvery attractive strategies, promotions and conceptions to reach a large number of customers.

SOS Koutchi is a new and creative idea that will be a concrete project one day despiteobstacles and handicaps that represent barriers in front of the set up of our agency. However, our willingness and union are an extremely strong weapon that we carry against those hurdles.