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Beta 0.4 Build 9.0 PUB 13-09-2006 (Hardballer)

-reworked sv_official check
-validated official check on linux and mac
-finalized pak structure
-cleared misc not needed files from paks
-final fixes to all maps

Beta 0.4 Build 8.7-8.9 RC1 - RC3

-removed some debugging console prints
-added NULL shaders for someshaders referenced in md3 models
-removed loading of ET commandmap shaders
-changed invisible_marks shader to bouncescale 0
-added clips to ladder brush sides
-fixed some doors with missing opening direction
-made door sounds ranged
-merged bruces UI
-fixed issues with wrong overlay order of menus
-corrected gamma calibration menu
-muzzle and flares brightness depend on worldspawn "exposure"setting
-finalized new HUD, added dynamic eye setting
-rework glass shard bouncing code (no sounds in some conditions)
-fixed reload bug during fire is pressed
-fixed bug where grenade was stuck in hand when sprint was released during throwing
-introduced static lightmap HDR (perceptive coding of lightmaps)
-introduced dynamic HDR eye effect (cg_dynamiceye)
-client code reads lightgrid-added new client side sprites that are lit by lightgrid (HL2 like rotation)
-added correct lighting to smoke and impact effects
-reworked map lighting in all maps for HDR
-added scenario locations in map description
-added obj_stadtrand and obj_delta
-replaced shorts like _tdm and _robj will by _gt2 ... _gt9 (for gametype 2 ... 9)
-introduced _gtX logic for .gear
-updated obj_hideout,obj_village, finished obj_northport and obj_snow
-finished tonemapping conversion (coroner_models ...)
-finished new gras foliage model and straw for hideout
-reworked smoke grenade effects
-add inverted range damage scale for snipers to simululate focus problems with sniper scopes (prevent close combat railgunning)
-sync'd sniper damage when not aimed with same caliber for MBR
-added slow andkick door open (silent and noisy, use walk or sprint key)
-reworked UI menus and scoreboard for widescreen
-reworked HUD elements for widescreen
-reworked capture AXIS/ALLIED text
-updated CTF scripts to end game
-corrected AA level increase and introduce script var for it
-checked player skin tonemapping (desert wasnt finished)
-introduced sv_official check for mapnames
-introducedsv_official checksum verification for /etmain and /tcetest pak files
-locked code to new scale (1 unit = 2 cm)
-tons of stuff that is not listed here

-added botroutes to northport (internal)
-added botroutes to snow (internal)
-bots are disabled on dedicated servers (internal)
-needs now developer 1 and bot_editwaypoints 3 to be able to edit waypoints (internal)
-renamed waypoint edit commands%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
Beta 0.4 Build 8.5-8.6 INT 04-01-2006

-reactivated g_gametype 2 (ROBJ) for CTF
-added capture and hold (CAH) code/script
-added capture the flag (CTF) code/script
-added CTF sample map
-deactivated match mode in respawn gametypes 2 and 7
-non-match gametypes increase AA base level all 5 minutes (BUG: is erratically 1 minute for now, should be scriptablein future)
-reworked obj_snow to newscale 1 and added CTF script
-reworked .script loading sequence: gametype specific scripts (eg in GT 2 "mapname_robj.script") are tried first, if it fails, the game loads "mapname.script"
-reworked jump blocking, player can now "climb" structures that block the way even if stamina is to low for jumping
-texture tone mapping transformations to coroner_,twy_, hos_, liq_ textures
-gametype can no longer be changed when the server is running, servers can only run one specific gametype (developer 1 switches this of)
-gametypes load gametype specific UI menus
-added more light beam/cone types
-added new sun blend effect
-removed annoying auto radio in Demolition (has this something todo with firelag on INTEL?)
-objective description stays hidden...