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|This picture is filled with life and love. Look for and at the following things: | |
| |Back room: What tasks are being completed by each woman?|
| |Look at the turkey steaming; babies fidgeting in the corner; cast iron stove gleaming from sunlight; the shadow that defines the |
| |collar of thewoman holding the rolling pin |
| |The floral pattern on the dresses – dots and splotches of paint|
| |Small still-life painting near door – gives a realistic touch |
||Designs on wallpaper |
| |Cats marmalade stripes|
| |Dog dozes under warm stove to escape commotion|

In 1935, she got national attention for her painting, "Thanksgiving," which, painted in a carefree naive manner, showed a kitchen scene of bustling, humorous activity.
forher painting Thanksgiving celebrates the joys of family ties. The bustling kitchen is filled with life and love as a group of women prepares the annual feast
Perspective+ there a renot man. Show thedifferent elements of the thanksgiving

Doris Lee (1905 dinde, animal tout juste découvert par les premiers Européens dans le Nouveau Monde.
Aux États-Unis, l’Action de grâce est célébré en familleautour de grands dîners et en joyeuses réunions. Le nom de « Thanksgiving » (signification anglophone de l’Action de grâce) évoque des cuisines odorantes et de grands placards à provisions pleins de...