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PHIL 253
Response Paper #1
Due: Sept 16th, 2010

Papers must be no longer than 1000 words.

Aias and Phaedo depict several versions of the human good and how that good clashes with fate. Aiasrepresents the good as the passionate and honor-driven hero whose fight with fate results in his death. In Odysseus we find the good represented as humility in the face of fate, a humility thatinforms his concept of justice. Finally, in Socrates we find a depiction of the good involving a life devoted to reason and philosophy which, when done properly, perhaps allows one to escape fate.Question: Who is the better person, Aias, Odysseus or Socrates?

Among these three—Aias, Odysseus and Socrates—whom do you believe shows what is best about humans? Who among these three led the best sortof life? Whom would you wish to emulate? Why?

To answer this question adequately, you must:
1) Explain what sort of good life Aias, Odysseus or Socrates represents, and say how they representthat good.
2) Support (1) with examples from the text.
3) Explain why you believe Aias, Odysseus or Socrates represents the better sort of person. What criteria are you using to make yourcase? Why should we accept those criteria?
4) Imagine how one of the other characters might respond. Present that response as a counter-argument to your main thesis and address its major points.5) Support (3) and (4) with examples from the text.
6) Include an introductory paragraph that includes your thesis statement and a concluding paragraph that summarizes the most salient featuresof your main argument.

Make sure that you cite properly, write clearly and turn the assignment in on time. As GMU students you are bound by the honor code. I do not recommend that you consultsources outside of our text or our notes, but if you do, you are responsible for proper citations and credit. I do encourage you to work together and discuss the paper topic with your peers, but all...