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INTRODUIRE UN SUJET- It is sometimes said that… often argued commonly thought- It cannot bedenied that… / There’s no denying that…- …is a growing concern- …is a burning issue- It is a well-known fact that...- In most cases... / Most of the time...- We may wonder whether / if / to whatextent... | EXPRIMER LA CAUSE- because / as / since- because of / on account of- thanks to- due to / owing to- given (the fact) that… |
| EXPRIMER LA CONSEQUENCE- so / therefore- that’swhy / that’s the reason why- as a result / as a consequence- consequently- hence |
ORDONNER LES IDEES- First / First of all / In the first place- Firstly … Secondly … Thirdly…- To start with/ To begin with- First and foremost- Then / Next- Finally / Lastly / Eventually- Last but not least- To conclude / In conclusion | |
| LIENS TEMPORELS- as soon as - as long as- while-meanwhile / in the meantime- No sooner … than… / Hardly… when…(No sooner had he hung up than the phone rang again) |
| CONDITION OU HYPOTHESE- if- what if- supposing- in case- oncondition that / provided that- otherwise |
AJOUTER DES ARGUMENTS - Moreover / Besides / Furthermore / What’s more- In addition (to that) / On top of that- In the same way / Similarly / Likewise-As regards... / Concerning...- As I said before- By the way | |
| EXPRIMER UNE RESTRICTION- to some extent - up to a certain point- as far as I know- insofar as- if I may say so- so tospeak- unless |
AJOUTER DES ARGUMENTS OPPOSES- However / Nevertheless / Yet- On the contrary / In contrast- Contrary to / Unlike / As opposed to- Conversely - On the one hand …on the otherhand | |
| RESUMER - In short / In brief / In a word- To sum things up / To sum up- (To put it) in a nutshell- To cut a long story short- On the whole- For all these reasons- All things...