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English Homework

We are going to introduce the question of the border fence, the United States Barrier. The USA, a wealthy country is connected with a pennilesscountry, the Mexico. In fact, lots of Mexicans try to immigrate at the united states in order to access to the American dream.

First we can say that the border betweenthe united states and Mexico is the most crossed in the world. Indeed a metal barrier runs the length of the border. At certain points it is reinforced by a concrete wallwith cameras. The border wall was built after the decision that George W. Bush took in October 2006. He signed the Secure Fence Act in order to reinforce the supervisionof the border with the Mexico and to fight against the clandestine immigration. We don't know the true budget of this construction, it is around 10 or 20 billion dollars.Furthermore there are some group of civil who decided to keep on eye on the border , who called the minutemen. It is a group of civil American who are worker, retractedand they call the American Border patrol when they see someone. Besides, the Migra is the American Border Patrol, which is now 11 000 strong. Infrared and thermal cameras,movement sensors, the latest military technology. So we can say that the border patrol has all its needs to carry out its mission: to stop and send back illegalimmigrants.
Secondly we know that this border limited since 2002, 25% of the immigration Mexican. We can say that the border fence, it is a little useless because there arealready immigrants who cross the border.(chiffres). In spite of the dangers, the immigrants continue to cross the border. They have an objective in their life, they want to