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The character I have chosen is Jean Rene Lacost who was born in Paris on the second of July in ninetheen four and died in Saint-Jean-de-Luz in the Basque Country on the tweflth ofoctober in ninetheen ninety six , he was a French tennis champion.

He was One of the Four Musketeers of French tennis that won the Davis Cup for France from ninetheen twenty seven tonienetheen thirty two , Rene Lacoste was the first to have succeeded well in advance Yannick Noah . He became designer with his Lacoste shirts have become almost a common name in theworld of fashion and ready-to-wear. He was at his death on the twelve of october in ninetheen ninety six , the last of the "Four" Jean Borotra having died in ninetheen ninety four , HenriCochet in nientheen eighty seven and Jacques Brugnon in nientheen seventy eight. He had time to see the victory of Yannick Noah at Roland Garros in ninetheen eighty three after a wait ofthirty seven years and above, the French victory against the team of Pete Sampras in Davis Cup in ninetheen ninety one after fifty nine years of waiting. He died 1 month before the victoryof the French Davis Cup in ninetheen ninety six .

Rene Lacoste was also a great inventor. Among his inventions include notably, in ninetheen sixty three , the first tennis racketsteel a revolution in the field of tennis that has challenged the supremacy of the wooden racket and paved the way for today's models. This racket has won fourty six titles in Grand Slamtournaments from ninetheen sixty six to ninetheen seventy eight , distributed in the United States by Wilson, it was notably used by Jimmy Connors and Billie Jean King.

He was named anOfficer of the Legion of Honor in ninetheen seventy seven , and honorary president of the FFT.
He was a member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame since ninetheen seventy six.