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|In the English speaking world, people can easily understand eachother no matter what English speaking country they are from, |
|if they just spoke simple standard English (which isn't hard if your from an English speaking country). American English and ||British English must be what?.... 99.5% different when it comes to spellings and word usage? The accents change, but people can|
|understand each other, and if they don't then they just speak a bit"clearer" and then we can understand each other. Simple. |
|So stop pretending that there are major differences between way Americans, British, Canadians, Australians etc speak English. |
|Becausethere is hardly a difference. We can communicate with each other, and the differences are so stupidly small. |
|American English is not superior to British English or vice-verser, it'spractically the same friggin language. So stop arguing|
|like little kiddies. |

|Really!!?? A lotof Americans have difficulty understanding some of the accents and dialects in Britain, including myself at |
|times. I think Snatch the movie gives a good example|

Prejudice & accents in England

Scouse accent: If you speak like this people think you’re from a very rough area and chances are that your a thief, andsomething to do with hubcaps.

Posh accent: If you talk like this then your supposedly educated, and can be trusted. Others would think your a rich person, and that you went to a boarding school.Brummie accent: If you speak like this, then chances are that people think you’re stupid.

Geordie accent: For some reason, the geordie accent is more comforting to southerners in England out of...