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You have can be already heard this music
EXTRAIT 1: Too young to die
where this song
EXTRAIT 2: Little L
And what would nothave recognized, Jason Kay.
Hello, I am happy to be here. Thank you for inviting me.
you just release a new album, pop, entitledwhite knuckle ride
two days ago you filled the Olympia in Paris but you were born……….
……on December the 30, 1969 and I grewup in Stretford in England.
Did you play a musical instrument when you were young? Did you study music?
No, I didn’t play amusical instrument but I studied music.
Do you remember the album that made you famous?
Yes of course it was called Emergency on PlanetEarth.
When was it?
In 1993.
Do you compose your own songs?
Yes I compose my songs.
we know you have a symbol but do you havea nickname?
yes, a small, jay kay.
but let's talk about your private life.
I was sure
Rire !!!!!!!!!!
I lived for three yearswith Denise Van Outen, but this year we separated So I have not had children.
You're on tour in europe and you started June 20 inParis and your second step is
in London on 26 and 27 June.
And for our fans could sing you a song from your new album.
EXTRAIT3: White knuckle ride
Thanks for coming
no it's me who thanks you.
and we end up tomorrow with a new guest who will be Shakira.