Pierre et jean

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Agatha Christie was born on september 15, 1890 in turquay in devon,of an American father, Frederic Alvah Miller, and of a british mother Clarrisse Margaret boehmer, girl of a captain of thearmy britannique. this parents offer a education in residence to him looked after, then it essentiality her mother who take care of her following the death of her father. This education enables himto write poems, tales and news, encouraged buy her mother. after Agatha Christie left paris to study the song and the piano but se unible fight again is fear and his timidity,she comback on unitedkingdom
the first husband was Archibald Christie of which she preserves has name of pen. then at the end of the war she gave birth was is only daughter.
during the war Agatha Christie engagesvoluntary nurse. During the free time, she writes the first detective novel (the mysterious affair of style).he tald she It is said that she would begin to write novels as a result of a bet with hersister
in 1920 she found an editor, Bodley Head accept to publish the first novel , where Hercule Poirot appears for the first time wis Miss Parple. then this news is successor to the steady rhythmof one or two per year
in 1927 during a cruise in the middle east she met the archaeologist, sir Max Mallowan that she married in 1930. She go with him in Syrie and Irak, for archaeologiqueexcavation what inspired his novels. including murder in mesopotamia
in 1952 the piece of theater the mouse trap is presented for the first time at london.
she was elected president of the detectionclub in 1957 has sicceded dorothy L sayers.
Agatha Christie dies january 12, 1976 in is house of wallingford, behind oxford.
in his life novelist Agatha Christie has been an important distinction:in 1971 Agatha Christie receives the distinction of dame commander of the order of the british empire from the hands of queen Elizabeth II. Agatha christie has become today the lady Agatha Christie .