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  • Publié le : 9 octobre 2010
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Dear Explore Student,

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to do our placement test on-line using the Internet before your arrival at the University of Manitoba. We believe it will behelpful in several ways. It will allow you not to have to do the placement test shortly after your arrival so you can relax on the morning of the Placement Test date. It will also allow our staff topredict which level (Beginner to Advanced) you and other students will be placed before starting the program.

First, in order to be able to do the test before you arrive, you must have access to acomputer with the following specifications:

|Computer Specifications |
|Note:|broadband/high speed internet cable connection is required |
|Step 1: |Disable pop-up blocking software, or allow pop-ups from this siteonly: |
|Step 2: |Check to System Check on the ANGEL homepage; all systems must have a green check mark (√); if a red “X” appears, |
||you must configure the setting using your browser |

Second, you must agree to do the test under the following conditions:

1)Do the test by yourself without anybody’s assistance;
2) Not use any type of dictionary;
3) Not attempt to reproduce the test, in any way or form. The test is a copyright of the University ofManitoba.

If you have the required computer specifications and agree with these conditions, please email me back ( as soon as possible and I will send you an ID and Passwordalong with instructions on how to do the test.

We hope that you will consider taking advantage of this opportunity to utilize the new technology and help us in providing the best possible start to...