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Federal Law No (4) of 2002
Regarding Criminalization of Money Laundering

We, Zayed Bin Sultan A1-Naltyan, President of the United Arab Emirates,
Having Perused:
The Constitution and,
Federal Law No (1) of 1972 , regarding jurisdictions of the Ministries and powers of
the Ministers, and amending laws thereof, and,
Union Law N0 (10) of 1980 , regarding the Central Bank, the Monetary Systemand
Organization of Banking and amending laws thereof, and,
The Penal Code promulgated by Union Law No (3) of198'7, and,
The Penal Code Procedures promulgated by Federal law No (35) of 1992, and,
Federal Law No (14) of 1995 regarding Fighting Narcotics and Psychotropic
Substances, and,
Federal Decree No (55) of l 990, regarding Approval to Join the 1988 United Nations
Convention AgainstIllicit Traffic in Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances,
and, In accordance with presentations by the Minister of Finance and Industry, approval of the Cabinet, approval of the National Federal Council and ratification of the Supreme
Union Council,

Promulgate the following Law:

Chapter One
Definition of Money Laundering
Article (2)
1— Where a person intentionally commits or assistsin commission of any of the
following acts in respect of Property derived from any of the offences stated in
Clause (2) of this Article, such person shall be considered a perpetrator of the
Money Laundering offence:
a. The conversion , transfer or deposit of Proceeds, with intent to conceal or
disguise the illicit origin of such Proceeds.
b. The concealment or disguise of the true nature,source, location, disposition,
movement, rights with respect to, or ownership of Proceeds.
c. The acquisition, possession or use of such Proceeds.
2- For the purposes of this law, Property shall mean those derived from the
following offences:
a. Narcotics and psychotropic substances.
b. Kidnapping, piracy and terrorism.
c. Offences committed in violation of the environmental laws.
d. Illicitdealing in fire arms and ammunition.
e. Bribery, embezzlernent, and damage to public property.
Fraud, breach of trust and related offences.
. Any other related offences referred to in international conventions to which the
State is a party.
Article (3)
Without prejudice to administrative penalties stated in the law, Financial Institutions
and Other Financial. Commercial and Economicestablishments operating in the State
shall be criminally liable for the offence of Money Laundering if intentionally
committed in their respective names or for their account.
Chapter Two
Commitments of Government Agencies
Article (4)
The Central Bank may, in accordance herewith, order the freezing of suspected
Property with Financial Institutions for a period not exceeding seven (7) days.
ThePublic Prosecution Office may order Seizure of suspected Property, Proceeds or
lnstrumentalities. in accordance with its established procedures.
A competent court may order Provisional Attachment. for undetermined periods, on
any Property, Proceeds or instrumentalities, if they have resulted from, or were
associated with, a Money laundering offence.
Article (5)
l- Witliotit prejudice to theprovisions of Article (4) hereof. the Attorney General
shall have the exclusive authority to initiate criminal action against a perpetrator
of any of the offences stated herein.
2- Orders for seizure of or provisional attachment on Property with Financial
institutions shall only be executed through the Central Bank.
Article (6)
The Central Bank shall set a ceiling for the amount that may bebrought into the State
in cash without the need for declaration. and any amount in excess thereof shall be
subject to the declaration system as established by the Central Bank.
There shall be established, within the Central Bank, a " Financial Information Unit" to deal with Money Laundering and suspicious cases. and to which reports of suspicious
transactions shall be sent from...