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Accelerating Microsoft Exchange Over the WAN

The Mandate
• Robust Exchange performance, leveraging Outlook caching • Safely enable continuous data replication between servers •Upgrade and enlarge Exchange usage without upgrading the WAN Fast, effective and efficient communications make all of the difference in today’s time compressed global markets. To facilitate this need foranywhere and anytime access to vital business communications, many organizations choose Microsoft’s Exchange. Developed to defend against mail communications security threats and the ever changingregulatory environment, Exchange makes communicating a rich experience, and workforce collaboration a given. With such functionality and reliability, it is little wonder that Exchange is able to deliveran enhanced communications infrastructure that meets the business challenges.

For example, Exchange to Outlook traffic can be extremely heavy, which over the WAN translates into increased bandwidthand reduced performance – both of which impact user productivity, and make Exchange server consolidation impractical (studies have shown mail server consolidation can grow network traffic by300%–400% or more). In addition, the built-in Exchange compression features tend to have a large scaling impact on the servers, as they sap the precious CPU cycles away from other hungry real-time processes.Next, with the vital nature of these communications, Microsoft realizes that continuity is critical and has implemented continuous replication capabilities. This SMTP traffic between Exchange servers isnot insignificant, and especially when these servers are housed in different datacenters, their load on the WAN between them can be staggering.

Compass enhances Exchange with: • Up to 2,500%Exchange acceleration over the WAN • Works with Outlook caching enabled • QoS to enable continuous replication capabilities • Protocol acceleration to mitigate latency and fill the pipe •...