Pomme de terre

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Comparative image of the potato

The potato image is really suffering now, and this has a real impact on the sells. So the aim of our ads is to show that potatoes are youth and not fattening.Describing the ad

1. What techniques are used to attract the viewer’s attention and to make the advertisement believable?

The main technique used here is the humour, with the unusual aspect ofpotato, and by using it; we catch the reader attention and encourage him/her to take a look at our pictures. This is the first step, but the second step will be when the consumer thinks again to thisfunny ad during the day and during his/her shopping and desire eating potato: it is a need: “It’s been so long since I ate them”, for finally taking prompt action and buying it. Every steps of theAIDA model is follows.

2. If there is no famous person, who or what is the central attraction?

The central attraction is the potato dressed up with clothes or accessories that men and women usein their every day life: sun glasses, swimsuit … By showing potato dressed like this, we suggest that potatoes are youth and trendy. Since, there are dressed like us during the day, they are “normal”people and so natural dishes.

Furthermore, our target market is the youth and by using potatoes dress like this, we remind them the cartoon world of their childhood, which is a world ofsimplicity, excitement, discover and these are the values, we want to illustrate with our campaign.

3. Explain the use of images / pictures / cartoons & colours: What is the most eye-catching aspect ofthe ad?

The colours here have two functions:

➢ Attract the reader eyes

➢ Insist on the nature and healthiness of the product and how youth and trendy it is

This is why wedecide to make a green background because it is a symbol of nature, health, and is the ideal balance between cold and warm: a balance diet in this case for one ad. For the other ad, we choose bright...