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Good morning, Mister Hanks, you can sit down.
Good morning, thank you for seeing me, I’m very pleased to meet you. One week ago I read your job posting and I had been surprised to see that it couldbe a perfect job for me.

I don’t doubt it Mister Hanks, but you should understand that all candidates tell me the same thing. Well tell me about yourself please and also your experience in thetrade.
Of course, I’m really patient with others and I have a really personal stability. I am in good health and I don’t work since last month. I worked in the army as a driver of heavyweight. Now, I’mretired from the army.

Very good, you should well-known this work and you come from the army you must be a reliable man. How many hours did you work in the army?
I worked between 30 and 35 hoursper week.

Have you got much of free time to practise the trade of driver?
Yes, I am candidate because I enjoy drive and I think it’s not a problem for me to drive the weekend and the evening. Icould do whatever you want.

Ok, have you ever done this kind of work?
Yes of course, here is my CV.

Good, your CV is better that I want. Now tell me why are you interests by the position for whichyou are candidate?
Well, I love work with others, and I love meet different people. For me, work, isn’t a problem but a motivation. I was a good element in the army but I want to change now.

Youfeel comfortable and it’s a real pleasure to have a conversation with you. Tell me why do you want to work in our company?
I will be satisfied of the proposed post. I know the good reputation of thecompany in terms of personal management and I heard that your company values the employees who are involved.

Why should we hire you rather than someone else?
The proposed work is in the area inwhich I excel and this work seems likely to foster my development.

What are your weaknesses?
I don’t really know but if I have one, I do my possible for not affect my ability to satisfy you. Maybe...