Pourquoi coca cola est un mythe?exposition en anglais

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Problem:Why can we say that Coca cola is a myth?
Introduction :
Coca cola is a carbonate soft drink sold in stores, restaurants and vending machines internationally.
Il is produced by The coca cola company in atlanta, georgia, and is often referred to simply as coke ( in European and american countries) as Cola or pop (in some parts of the us).
It was created in 1886 by JohnPemberton who was a patent medicine and was bought out by the businessman Asa Griggs Candler.
The reason why it’s called “coca cola” is that it’s made of their 2 ingredients.
“Coca” was derived from the coca leaf and “cola” was come from the kola nuts.
The “k” was replaced with a “c” for marketing purposes.
1) Coca cola: the myth
A) A single formula
Coca cola use of stimulants in formula like:* Cocaine

The first formula of coca cola was composed of a strong proportion of coca leaf
In 1891, the formula was changed and contain only a tenth of this amount.
After 1904, Coca cola contains coca flavouring and using “spent” leaves.
This ingredient is extracted of coca leaf but it is cocaine free prepared at a company of plant in New Jersey.

* Caffeine

Kola nuts act asflavouring and it is the source of caffeine in coca cola.
Caffeine is an ingredient whose increase the capacity for mental or physical labor but it is criticizes because it cause physical dependence.

To finish, the formula of Coca-cola is not communicated by the firm , original copy is held (detenu) in SunTrust Bank’s main vault (chambre forte) in Atlanta.
A popular myth states that only twoexecutives have access to the formula.

B) An original and memory design

* Logo design
Coca uses in its logo of letters with round forms.
Its logo is red and it is recognizable all over the world.

* “Contour bottle” design
The coca cola bottle is very famous and it represents a feminine silhouette which we can recognize blindly.
In 1915, the company launched a competition among itsbottle suppliers to create a new bottle for the beverage that would distinguish it from other beverage bottles.
The company want “a bottle witch a person could recognize even if they felt it in the dark, even if broken…
In 1915, the concept drawing of the contour coca cola bottle by Earl R Dean’s was approved and a design patent was issued on the bottle in November, 1915.
The prototype has amiddle diameter larger than its base making it unstable on conveyor belts (tapis roulant) (image)
Dean reduced the middle diameter and creating the famed contour coca cola bottle (image)
In 1920, the contour bottle became the standard for the coca cola company.
Today, the contour coca cola bottle is the most recognized packages on the planet…”even in the dark!!!”

2) The market of coca cola
a)World market
Coca cola sells 400 brands of drinks in 200 countries.
A billion persons consume of the coca cola in one day in the world.
A home on two consumes coca.
The company concentrates first and foremost on market with great potential like Russia, bresil, India, United States, Mexico, china, Japan.

* Franchised production model
The actual production and distribution of coca colafollows a franchising model. The coca cola company only produces a syrup concentrate which is then sells to bottlers throughout the world.
The bottlers are company which produce the final drink.
The bottlers have territorially exclusive contracts with the company.
They produce finished product by mixing the syrup with filtered water (eau filtrée), sweeteners (edulcorant) and carbonate.
Then,the bottlers putting it in bottles.
To finish, they sell, distribute and merchandise coca cola to retail stores, vending machines, restaurants and food service distributors.

b) Competitors


The main competitor of coca cola is pepsi.

Coca is the leader on the market of soft drink.
Coca is far ahead of Pepsi in much Europe and South America but pepsi dominates coca in some...