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We do not choose to be poor, it is poverty which chooses us. That means we are not guilty but we don't have to stay impotent, we must avoid poverty or we must do whatever it is possiblefor fight it. First we evoke cause of poverty, than we focus on the demographic cause in poor countries. To finnish we may wonder if penniless really means poor.

First, there is no doubt in my mindthat there are lot of causes of poverty in the world. Indeed there is ecologic cause which prevent countries to develop their economy, there is political cause which can cut the externalcommunications, there is also the fact that poor population do not stop to grow.

We are going to develop this last idea thank document 2. This is an article extracted from the time, and it tell us about thedevelopment of poor population. According to its, Uganda and Tanziania are poor because their population is extremely growing. As example, Uganda's population was 6 million in 1950, 24 million in 2000,and it is expected to rise to 48 million before 2050. This rate of population increase makes poverty certain. The solution is to rise family planning and reproductive health advice in this poorcountries for limit the growing of the population and the poverty.

To finish, I have the feeling that penniless no means poor because as if people who live in poorest countries do not have comfort theyare not necessarily sad. I believe that as they do not known comfort they do not need absolutely. But if we take thing that we known, for example if we take electricity to rich people who are used tohave, they will be very sad because they will feel the lack of something. We should bear in mind that poor people live the bare necessity but in reality they have rich souls and rich heart whereas richpeople live in excess but they suffered of depression, and dissatisfaction. Poor people do not consider themselves as poor because they are used to live in those conditions and do not need really...