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Many People, One GM, Now

At GM, our people touch six continents, 192 countries, 23 time zones, and speak more than 50 languages. Our mission is to create a culture and a business environment based upon inclusion, mutual respect, responsibility, and understanding.

I am GM

In celebration of the start of our next 100 years as General Motors, we're inviting employees to be part of acompany-wide program called "I am GM." This program highlights the value of each person and the incredibly rich diversity of our workforce.

"I am GM" represents men and women of many cultures, ethnic backgrounds, ages, sexual orientation and physical abilities. Many of these employees belong to our Affinity Groups.

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EmployeeResources Network

Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups are a formal link between diverse employee groups and GM's diversity management, human resources staff and senior management. Affinity Groups are formed around employee initiatives and are employee-driven.
Employees who believe they will benefit from affinity or networking can start a group, provided they meet the guidelines and reportingrequirements. Affinity Group membership is available for current active, salaried and full-time employees. Contract employees who are part of collective bargaining agreements, part-time employees, consultants and others may participate in activities, but are not considered formal members. The groups may also include other non-members such as retirees, supplemental employees, community groups, andcustomers.
Affinity Groups are tasked with: enhancing market opportunities; enhance recruiting and retention efforts; providing opportunities for career development and networking; acting as an information resource for any GM function; and, serving as GM “face” in their constituent communities.

GM's 10 Affinity Groups include:
• Asian Indian Affinity Group
• Chinese Affinity Group• GM Affinity Group for Women
• GM African Ancestry Affinity Group
• GM PLUS (People Like US)
• Hispanic Initiative Team
• Mid-East/South-East Asian Affinity Group
• Native American Culteral Network
• People with Disabilities Affinity Group
• Veterans Affinity Group

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Leadership Liaisons

Leadership Liaisons are senior executives who sponsor each AffinityGroup. The liaisons provide advice and ideas about effective leadership within context of GM culture. They hold groups accountable to add value and contribute to GM and probe for ways to show support and act as an advocate at leadership and management meetings. They are also expected to share learnings about constituencies with other executives and to learn about the constituency’s issues andconcerns.

Diversity Partners

Diversity Partners are employees with an interest in diversity and have committed themselves to championing diversity efforts. Each Diversity Partner has access to a Diversity Partner Network, which is used to influence change throughout the organization. Diversity Partners meet monthly to share best practices, and discuss corporate and business unit...