Pride and prejudice dialogue

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Smaranda Tolosano– Chloe Allavena - 2nde 2

- Have you heard about the latest gossip? About the Bennet family?

-Of course, everybody is talking about it in the village! But I didn't hear how the story ends!

-Really? Well you have missed the most interesting part of it my dear! But don't worry, I will recall you all the adventures of this charminggirl, Elizabeth Bennet from Longbourn village. But I think we should start from the beginning.
It all began when a wealthy young man, Mr. Bingley, moved from London to Netherfield Park, a neighbouring village of the Bennets' house. Mr. Bingley came his two sisters and his best friend Mr. Darcy. The Bennet daughters got to meet the Bingleys and Mr. Darcy at a local party, and soon, Charles Bingley andJane Bennet got to know each other and went along very well. On the other hand, Mr. Darcy appeared as a cold and haughty man, especially hostile to Elizabeth Bennet.

-Yes, I’ve heard about this already; And at the same time, Elizabeth got into a friendship with Mr. Wickham, a military officer I believe he was, who told her about an old conflict he’d once had with Darcy. Wickham told her thathe had been betrayed by Darcy and apparently Elizabeth immediately took this information as another reason to hate Darcy. But of course she didn't know that at that moment, Darcy was already feeling driven to her, attracted by some unknown feeling.
One day though, Bingley suddenly left Netherfield, while everybody, including me, was expecting him to propose to Jane. Poor girl, he left hercompletely confused and upset. But it seems that Elizabeth was convinced that Bingley's sister had conspired with Darcy in order to separate them.

- That’s right, but you forgot that right before Bingley left, Mr. Collins, who is Mr Bennet's cousin and the man who was supposed to inherit of the Bennet's house, arrived to stay at the Bennets. I think he was a clergyman or something like that,employed by Lady Catherine de Bourgh, a wealthy and aristocratic woman. Anyway, Collins came to Longbourn because he wished to marry one of the Bennet sisters. I'm not sure about that, but I heard his first choice was Jane, but Mrs. Bennet told him that she was already engaged to Charles Bingley, so Collins turned to Elizabeth and proposed to her. Elizabeth instantly turned him down, and honestly wecan't blame her about it. A few days after, Collins proposed to Elizabeth's close friend, Charlotte Lucas, who immediately accepted, but I know for sure that she was mainly scared there would never be another opportunity for her to find a husband. So now, they’re married.

- I know, then I was told that in the spring, Elizabeth got invited at Charlotte and Collins' home in Kent, for a few weeks.They stayed at Lady Catherine de Bourgh’s grand manor, just near Rosing Park. Don’t forget that Darcy is her nephew, which brings us to the day when Elizabeth encountered Darcy at the manor. The two of them had an argument about Bingley and Jane’s separation : Elizabeth stated at right, that he had been the one to tear them apart. And here, listen carefully : Darcy admitted his love for Elizabethand he proposed to her. But it appears that Elizabeth was insulted by his manner of proposing, and she turned him down aswell !
She ended their conversation by reproaching him to have purposely sabotaged Charles and Jane’s relationship, and to have betrayed Whickam.

-Poor Mr. Darcy! He was said to have been deeply hurt by her accusations, and to have written Elizabeth a letter to explain andjustify all of his actions. The letter revealed that Wickham had always been interested in Darcy's fortune and that at his father’s death, he even tried to seduce Darcy's younger sister, Georgiana, in order to get ahold of their fortune. As for Bingley and Jane's affair, Darcy told Elizabeth that, from observing Jane closely, he came to the point that she didn't show any reciprocal interest in his...