Pride and prejudice

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I will talk to you about the most famous book of Jane Austen : Pride and prejudice appeared in 1813.
I think that the plot is quite complicated, so I won't tell you everything about it, I preferethat you read it and discover it by yourself. I will just summarize it.
It's a love story between Elizabeth Bennet “Lizzie” and Mister Darcy a rich man.
The the story takes place at Netherfield, asmall town in the south-England.
The Bennets are a family of five daughters. the priority of their mother is to marry them to assure them a good situation.
Mr. Bingley, a wealthy young gentleman,arrives in town accompanied by his good friend, Mr. Darcy.
Elizabeth Bennet, the main female protagonist begun to hate Mr Darcy because he said that she wasn't pretty and he refused to dance with herin a ball. There begun a conflict between them.
“I could easily forgive his pride, if he had not mortified mine.”

Elizabeth the second girl of Bennets daughter she's twenty years old, she's clever,pretty and mature for her period : she doesn't want to marry someone without loving him against her sisters who are foolish and bad-mannered. HAPPYNESS- strong personality – but she's quite proud andstubborn she's a round character because she evolves during the story, she learns to override her proud and her prejudice to fell in love with Darcy

Mister Darcy is a rich man, not very talkative,abrupt and cold who have many prejudice about the Bennet family. He's not a static character neither,

For me It's a book wrote clearly with irony, to describe accurately noble society of thenineteen century.
Nowadays, many movies and books are based from that novel, for example a recent famous English comedy entitled “Bridget Jones” which pay tribute to it. The two main characters DanielCleaver and Mark Darcy are inspiring from Mr Darcy and Wickam and Mark Darcy is playing by the same actor than in the movie “Pride and prejudice” which turned out in 1995 and some other things are...