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Alfred Hitchcock
North by Northwest

Alfred hitchcock was born on 13 August 1899 in Leytonstone and he died on 29 April 1980. The Hitchcock’s moved to the United States on March 1939 because DavidO. Selznick signed Hitchcock to a seven-year contract. In 1926 on the 2nd of December Hitchcock married Alma Reville. They had one child, Patricia Hitchcock (born 7th July 1928).
The name of hisfirst movie is “the pleasure Garden” in 1925 and his last one is “The short night” he didn’t finish in 1979 just one year before his death. Hitchcock had never won Oscar but it was five times nominatedfor an Oscar. In 1949, he decided to stop to work with Ingrid Bergman for later met his favourite actress Grace Kelly but too Cary Grant and James Stewart were his favourite actors.
North by Northwestwas release in 1959, the genre of this film is suspenseful film. It takes places in New York. The cast are Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint and James Mason. The plot is in New York publicist RogerThornhill, caught by chance for a George Kaplan, and is removed. He escapes and tries to prove his innocence. Every attempt to identify a few more named George Kaplan at the point of being accused of amurder committed in the United Nations.
His favourite genre was suspense that’s why his surnamed is king of suspense. The MacGuffin is a fundamental concept in the Hitchcock film. The origin of the wordcomes from the following story told by Hitchcock:
Two passengers are in a train in England. One says to another: "Excuse me sir, but what does this package to the bizarre that is above your head? -Oh, it's a MacGuffin. What is it? - This is trapping lions in the mountains of Scotland - but there is no lion in the mountains of Scotland - so there's no MacGuffin.” Hitchcock often quoted the storyto mock those who demand a rational explanation for all the elements of a film. What interests him is to manipulate the viewer to walk over from history and it is also fear that the hero or heroine...