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Marketing plan: `` EL KEF ``

Marketing management


Part I: Executive summary 5
Vision and Mission 6
Part II: Situation Analysis 7
A. Internal environment 7
Review of current goals and objectives 7
Review of current marketing strategy and performance 8
Review of current and anticipated organizational resources 11
Review of current and anticipated culturaland structural issues 11
B. Customer environment 12
Current and potential customer 12
What do customers do with the firm's products 12
Where do customers purchase the firm’s product 13
Why (and how) do customers select the firm's products 13
When do customers purchase the firm’s product 13
Why do potential customers not purchase the firm’s product13
C. External environment 14
Competition 14
Economic growth and stability 14
Political trends 14
Legal and regulation issues 15
Social cultural trends 16
Technological advancement of the natural cosmetic industry 16
Part III: SWOT 17
A. Strength 17
B.Weaknesses 17
C.Opportinities 17
D.Threats 18
E.Swot Matrix 18
F.Developing competitive advantage 18G.Developing strategic focus 19
Part IV: Marketing goals and Objectives 20
Part V : Marketing strategies 21
A. Primary Target Market and Marketing Mix 21
B. Secondary Target and Marketing Mix 26
Part VI: Marketing Implementation 31
A. Structural Issues 31
B. Tactical marketing activities 32

Part VII: Evaluation and Control 34
A. Formal Marketing control 34
B. InformalMarketing Control 38

Part VIII : Bibliogaphy 40


I. Executive summary

Lesieur Cristal SA is a Morocco-based company primarily engaged in the processing and household products sectors. The Company’s core business areas are oilseed crushing, oil refining and soap manufacturing. Its range of products includes oils, cattle cakes and soaps and detergents. Its oil products brandportfolio includes brands such as Lesieur, Safia de Lesieur, Cristal, Cristal Friture, Cristal Mais, Huilor et Oleor and Graine d’or, while its olive oil products are traded under the brands Jawhara, Cristal Olive, Mabrouka, Salam and Zitouna. Its body soaps are traded under the Taous brand and its household detergents’ brands include El Kef which is our concern founded in 1956. The Company is asubsidiary of the ONA Group and was formed through the merger of three Moroccan companies: Lesieur Afrique, Unigral Cristal and Societe d'Exploitation des Produits Oleagineux.

Our team – Achour Nawfel, Driss Benqassem, Sayah Karim and Fahim Reda will use creative and innovative approach that offers a new packaging and a product extension of ELKEF SOAP, to customers since the needs,wants and preferences of customers are changing and most people become health oriented because of the majority of consumers became more aware about their skin care.

In order to implement this new idea, we developed the following marketing
plan in which the first part consists of the situation analysis which consists of theinternal and external environment of the company, plus the customer environment.
This will lead us to have a precise overview of the current target market and an overall
idea of the market situation.

Based on these analysis, we will be able to identify the company SWOT. Thus, we
will define the marketing goalsand objectives leading to develop the product marketing strategies of ELKEF soap in packaging and product line extension. The new strategy of the innovative Golden Soap with modification and product design strategy will be discussed to explain how those strategies will be implemented.

Mission and Vision of the Company


LESIEUR CRISTAL’s vision is “to be the leader in the...