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Title- Project Proposal for Starbucks Corporation
Clients Requirements
Starbucks currently ranks number in the global speciality coffee retailer with over 12,000 stores and a net revenue of over$7.79 billion (2006). They have done this through both company-operated outlets and franchising using the accessibility, numbers and locations of their stores as their main post for advertising.Within the UK Starbuck have over 500 outlets all of which are company owned and make up 26.1% of the UK market share. Which puts them 2nd to costa on both the number of outlets owned and market share.To get a more detailed view on the current position of Starbucks market research would need to be conducted in order to find some more up to date figures on Starbuck’s performance within the newmarket to put with the figure for previous years to see if there is a trend developing. Also market research on the type of customer that the company attract and why they choose Starbucks above othercoffee retailers would also help to set the scene on what the company have achieved to date. As would gaining information from the customers that don’t use Starbucks to find out why that is and why theychoose other options.
Information on client requirements is also found from conducting an initial interview with the client before commencing with the project. This is the opportunity to find out fromthe client what they want to get out of a consult and what area of the business that they think needs particular attention. For example Starbuck may wish for their advertising department to be thefocus of the consulting and to find out what the company is or isn’t doing that is affecting the impact of advising on its brand, stores and overall image (see appendix_1)
Overall Aim
* What projectaims to achieve (task 3)
* Initial Interview
* List of steps to take to achieve overall aim
Key Points to Consider
* Main factors affecting the project...