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La Vita Is Dolce, but This Driver Still Needs Directions.

The text is an article from a magazine called "cahier du Monde" of the Saturday December 2005 written by Ian Fisher.
Let sum up firstthe text briefly: The narrator recounts in this article, when he was 40, he bought a Global Positioning System (GPS) navigator in Italy. So he has fitted the GPS on a scooter to drive around Rome.
Atfirst, the narrator compares the use of a GPS between Americans and Italians. Indeed, he says that “this is exactly the ridiculous sort of think Italians expect Americans to do». Electronic equipmenthave an importance in Americans' life, they need it to live and they are considered to rely a lot on it. Whereas, Italians judge that they don't need electronics to survive especially for a GPS.
Hequotes Gianluca Nicoletti " a popular radio personality" who thinks that " it's like having a spare tire on a motorino". We can see that there are a differently point of view between the GPS's utility.First, there are some arguments for a GPS in Rome:
The narrator says that “one reason is that I have no sense of directions". => However it can be useful where you are no sense of directions orwhen you go to an unknown place, despite the confusing street signs, you arrive at your destination! =>Moreover, it allows to save time. It is even more useful in Italy. Indeed, in Rome is a realmaze!
=>It's better than a map, as it's difficult to hold a man and sometimes it can be dangerous and awkward while driving.
=>A GPS is safer => the narrator is trustful: “I trust thesatellites overhead..."
Then there are some arguments against a GPS in Rome:
=>You are enclosed in a "bubble" and ignore the world around yu.
=>You don't ask each other for directions, so it's lesssocial:
“The GPS like all technical instruments detaches you from human contact». Unlike Americans, Italians think that getting lost is pleasurable: «surprise", "enjoy yourself", "pleasure”. It...
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