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Colgate Palmolive is a well known company with a very good reputation. The company develops different varieties of product. In Marketing terms these products are considered as FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Good). In this Project we are going to define the soap market in Morocco and evaluate if there is an opportunity for a new personal care product: Protex (antibacterial soap).

The plan is tointroduce a new soap to contribute to consumer safety through hygiene.
By introducing Protex the company tries to increase its profit, stick to the market, and finally counter the bad results of Cadum: the brand cash cow.

History and context

The company has a long and rich history. In 1806, William Colgate created the first factory in New York City. After Colgate toothpaste, the company begunto diversify, selling candle, soap and perfumed soap…
For decades the company names changed, and in 1953 it became Colgate-Palmolive.
In more than 30 years, Col Pal achieved to be one of the leading players in the personal and oral care segment.
In 2010 the company has units in all part of the globe, from New York to Tokyo, Cap Town to Moscow. This is to give an idea of the business which isclearly international.
The market size and the demand induce that many company operate in this market.

The personal hygiene market obeys to rules putted early in the modern economy (by 1950). In the business of personal care and soap, the international market is undertaken by three international companies. They are Procter & Gamble, Unilever and Colgate Palmolive. They have accomplished what anycompany in the world seeks for.

These companies have three operational regions where they are booming. According to Fortune magazine 2009 company ranking (please see appendix n°1 for website list) the most profitable headquarter of this companies are located in North America, Western Europe and East Asia (China and Japan). Other markets can be considered as additional profits giving to theirsmall revenues.

These global company respond to a four dimensional construct

Colgate Palmolive Products:

➢ Toothpastes and toothbrushes

➢ Palmolive Shower Gel

➢ Palmolive Bar Soap

➢ Tahiti Shower Gel

➢ Cadum shampoo

➢ Soupelines Fabric Softener

➢ Ajax detergent

The first step to develop a marketing plan is to understand the company’senvironment. What is important in this analysis is to highlight the retail environment, the company’s product and the situation of the market the company is operating in.

Two steps are needed:
- Internal analysis
- External analysis
1. Macro environment:
2. Micro environment

Mission statement: To fulfill a research in the Moroccan market, answer to the question “ is there anyopportunity to introduce a new brand of soap, Protex –anti bacterial soap?”, then to give advice and suggestion on how to launch the product.

Market share: Colgate Palmolive is a legendary brand in Morocco thanks to Colgate toothpaste and the involvement of the company in many school programs in cooperation with the government and the minister in charge of health. Oral care sector in Moroccorepresent a real source of profit for Col Pal where real panoply of products is offered. In other sector such as detergent and soap (personal care product) the company is struggling with many brands and a large range of products. In soap sector the result are very poor: in 2008 2% of the whole market.

Customers’ Loyalty: Col Pal has been serving its customers for a long time; making of them partners.Col Pal is now seen in Morocco just like the trustful company to work with. The fundamentals and the values carried till today has helped to mark a real print in the hygiene business. Nowadays all customers are convinced of Col Pal capacity to succeed in satisfying demands up to their perceived value.

Market attractiveness: The market is very fragmented, with many brands and many local...