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The Document that I will talk about is a cartoon ; drawn by a scottish cartoonist Frank BOYLE.
It doesn't show from where the document was taken but I supposed that itcomes from a website. .
Thanks to the tittle that is : The US government refused to sign the kyoto agreement on global warming.
We supposed that it was published on2000.

Firstly I will describe you the layout of the cartoon so you can understand what the cartoonist wanted to denounce. So the first thing that we can see is thestatue of liberty.We see only her upper part because its mostly recovered by water of the atlantic ocean.We also notice that her face is covered by oxygen mask .The satueseems to be angry.Then,the smoke cast by her torch is blackish.Some bottles of coca-cola, packagings of macdo are floating around her.
Below on the right on the cartoonit's written " The End ".

The Kyoto agreement was adopted on december 1997 in Kyoto,Japan. Its aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to fight against the globalwarming .Because its need at least 55 countries that represent 55% of the emissions of carbon dioxide it entered into force on 2005. For example between 2008 and 2012 theeropean union has to reduce her emissions of 8%. Now only 4 industrial countries didn't have adopted the kyoto protocol , there are : Australia -Monaco - the liechtenstein( entre les alpes et l'autriche ) and the united states.

The cartoonist criticizes the refusal of the united states.With 23% in 2005 they are the first transmitter ofgreenhouse gas emissions.With " The end " the cartonnist wanted to illustrate how it's going to be if the united states doesn't do anything to fight the global warming.