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Business startégie
Economical Factor
Today the percentage of equipment in France and England is very high with a figure of 80% for France and more than 100% for England. This showsthat it is difficult to further develop this level of equipment. But as the years pass unless the mobile phone lasts long. Indeed the average of today's consumers change mobile every 18 months. Thisshows a potential buyer relatively large cons there too much longer extension of possible market in France and England so it’s a market they have to share.

Social factor

Today the mobile phoneis considered as part of the accessories needed for the new generation whether in work or personal life. This generalization of the mobile phone development and function of this one makes him a trueindicator socio-cultural. Wanted the new phone, this is even more impressive since the arrival of the Iphone can almost speak of group belonging. This is the direct explanation of turnover citedpreviously.

Technological Factor
Today a phone is not used just to call because the phones continue to improve. The application multiplies it several years ago the phone has also become camera, acamera, then it was the music player ... But in recent years with the arrival apple Solicitating call on the market evolution is much faster. Indeed, with the arrival of the Iphone including multipleapplications bless each day that are downloadable on the net and therefore accessible all.

Ecological factor

Different method of recycling emerges to meet a large number of notebook inactivity.There are of course the normal recycling, but another method of recovery such as laptop such as the consumer and small Fonebank sell used phones out of service or whether it still works or not. Thissolution is an economically viable answer to many mobile which are not used. So the phones are refurbished and resold in emerging countries. Thus in addition to being environmentally friendly this is...