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2. A small small world
Picture 1:
The first picture is a photo which could be published in an economic magazine or an advertising leaflet. On this photo, we can see buddhist monks walking inthe street. They are bald and they are barefoot. Moreover, they are wearing saffron robes, and holding fans. We may suppose they are going to prey. Above the monks, we can see an advertising hoardingon which we can read PEPSI written in big white and black capital letters over a blue background. We have the impression that the monks are indifferent to the big advertising hoarding above them.Picture 2:
Contrary to the first photo, the second picture is a photo on which the characters are posing. We can see Minnie accompanied by three Japanese happy-looks girls. They are wearing thetraditionnal Japanese clothes, called kimonos. However, the girls attitude is not really traditionnal. Actually, they look very westernized, in other words, they look the same as girls who live in westerncountries like the USA or France. In addition, they are holding shopping bags, consequently we can suppose they have bought quite a few things in Disney's shopping centre.

What is paradoxical isto find two American corporations in two Asian countries whose culture is totally different from American culture. Altough the culture of these two Asian countries is totally different from Americanculture, we can find there two corporations which symbolize American culture.

Both companies, PEPSI and DISNEY, have decided to be present in Asia because it is the best means to attractpeople. Indeed, people, workers are less expensive than in rich countries. Consequently, these companies can make more profits. Moreover, there is less competition in Asia because there is less company. Inother words, Asia is an open market. Finally, Asia is potential market is very big and it is expanding.

Yes they are good examples of globalizacion but this is not the answer to fight...