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The author of this novel John Steinbeck was a bindlestiff himself before he wrote Of Mice and Men in 1947.
This means he can relate to these people and knowshow hard they had it under the great depression.
A major issue was that they had no power because of their bad economic and social circumstances.
JohnSteinbeck creates George and Lennie. They are two bindlesiffs struck by this and in addition Lennie also have a
a lack of intelect. He often comes in troublebecause of that. As we see in the context it makes them have no other
choice then to escape. That emphasises the theme of powerlessness.

The surroundings aredescribed in the context as nice with a lot of descriptions of nature.
Here George reapeats their dream to Lennie. It's about having theire own place wherethey can
live in freedom, happiness and safety. Basically something every bindelstiff dreamt about.
This dream is an important part of their friendship andbecause of their friendship they think they will
be able to suceed. As George says himself: guys like us don't have anybody in the world, but not us because wegot each other. Eventually the harsh reality overcomes and George chooses to kill Lennie. By killing his friend
their dream of having a place together dieswith him.

This is how I can draw the conclusion that George did this just for Lennies own good and not because he was tired
of him or something like that. Thedream of having a place together doesn't make any sense anymore when Lennie is
dead. I think George knows that a life as bindlesfiff wil be his fate.