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Essay 1

There are a lot of problems in the world today, but I think that the biggest one is the racism. The racism is an ideology that says that a certain race would be superior to another one.This ideology concerns principally the color of the skin. The racism caused a lot of war in the past, and continues to act today. The worst thing caused by the racism is the slavery. To don’t make thesame errors in the future, there are some solutions to resolve this problem. The first one is the education, the second one is the language, and the last one is the politic.

First of all, we canresolve the problem of the racism with the education. The education when we are still children is really important. Jean Jacques Rousseau, one of the most important French writers, was the first whothought that first things we learn in our life will stay all our life in our mind. I think that he is right, because if we know some others cultures, if we know how they live, we have no reason to hatethem and be racist. We are afraid about things that we don’t know. I think that we should also teach to parents how to talk to their children. Educate is not a easy thing, sometimes we really want toteach something to our children, but it’s too hard to do it. Another important thing is to travel in different place to see how other persons, with different skin color and different religion, live. Bydoing this, we can see in the real life (not just in the books) that nobody is superior or inferior to the other, person from other country or continent are just different.
Secondly, I think that thelanguage can also resolve the racism problem. Indeed, I think that when people don’t understand what the other side says, it’s easier to be mad and hate the other person. If they could speak to eachother, they would not fight. The fact to don’t fight is already a good thing, but how to do to like each other? I think that if they could speak between them, they could like each other. When you...