Rain water (business plan)

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Executive Summary

We are Sanilux S.A. , we are specialized in bathroom facilities, sanitary facilities and second leader in our domain.
We install and maintain sanitaryfacilities and want to expand our services to the utilisation of rainwater. In other words the rainwater tank system.

The utilisation of rainwater will help reducing the cost of the rainwater bill, it’sgood for the environment and will help us to keep the earth healthy.
Instead of using drinking water we use rain water for most of applications and the government subsidies 50 % of the costs.

Themanagers would be Mister Toiletflush and Miss Watertank.

We would need 100.000 €, most of it will be needed for the new equipment (pumps, watertanks, filters)

That would be for 80.000 € and20.000 € will be needed for the formation of our staff and for the licenses.

Company description

The company has been created in the year 1967 by Mister Optiplex and Mister Dell.
Since we startedwe had grown to a serious business and become larger and larger. We always try to keep our customers happy and because of this we have a big list of loyal customers.
Our history of sales and profitsis added on appendix 1.
We are settled in Bonnevoie, 23 rue de l’Egalité L-1548 Luxemburg.
We plan to expand our business in “green water” in order to give the nature something back.Products/Services

• We offer products that will stock the rainwater and which you will be able to use it for the household and the garden without spending money for that water.

• Our products are bestquality that you can find at the market, they don’t pollute the environment and you have warranty of 3 year. For any questions or problems, our free after-service call-centre will be at yourdisposition 24/24h 7/7d.

• People will have the opportunity to use healthy filtered water for their usual use. That water are stocked in natural way because it’s rainwater, in this way the monthly water...