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Training Rapport
The Stanwell-House


1. Presentation

2. Staff

3. Typical working day

4. The Major difference England / France

5. C.V

6. My Impression

7. Picture

8. Thanks

The Presentation

1.) History

Stanwell House Hotel dates back to the 18th Century, and is situated in the picturescque Georgian market town of Lymington. Lymington is one ofthe South's most attractive and historic locations, wonderfully positioned on the coast, and surrounded by outstanding natural beauty as well as numerous historical sites such as Henry VIII's castle at Hurst Spit and Bucklers Hard where many of Nelsons ships were built.
Stanwell House was once owned by James Burcher, cousin to General James Wolf, who spent his last night in this country atStanwell House before his departure to Quebec in 1759. From around 1820-1880 the house was used as a finishing school for young ladies. Somewhat later, between 1883-1890, it became the establishment of local solicitors Moore & Rawlings.
It first became a hotel around 1945 under the name Stanwell House Hotel.
Lymington is a traditional New Forest town lying only 16 miles to the west ofSouthampton. Dating back to the Iron Age there is a continuous thread of interest for the historically minded. This becomes better documented in the Middle Ages when it was developed as one of the country's new towns. Then owned by the De Redvers family, Lymington flourished on the salt industry until the 19th Century, when the market collapsed (between 1865 and 1867).
Meanwhile, the arrival of therailway in 1858 helped the town become the main terminal for the Isle of Wight. This, in turn, encouraged people like Thomas Inman, a Hastings ship and yacht builder, and Mrs Beeston's and Leggs with their sea water baths, to invest their skills and enterprise in the area. Thus the trend from commerce to recreation was started. Since then Lymington and the estuary has become one of the country's topyachting resorts,

And today the Stanwell House is an excelent hotel restaurant located in Lymington.

The staff and the staffhouse

1) Organization staff

The Staff are very multicultural, because we have some : English, Spanish, German, Polish, Thaï, Lithuanian and Ecuadorian. That's called the melting people.

2) The Staff House

The staffhouse where I lived were located 5 minutesfrom the restaurant, When we arrived with Maxime and Hugo, 2 French trainee lived in the staffhouse but after 2 weeks he left. But we lived with the chef de partie Ben because the Restaurant have 2 staffhouse but one staffhouse were busy. We have 2 bedrooms, a living, a kitchen, a bathroom and a little garden.
It was great because at the front of the staffhouse we have the supermarket Waitrose,it's a little expansive but the food was not too bad.
We must keep the staffhouse clean for the new occupant and to beggining it was hard but with some training, it was good.
For eat when we are off, we buy what we want with the payed. At the beggining, it's hard because we don't have many pan to cook but Mr Milton are very gentle and he give some pan for us.
Ben, the chef de partie, have a gamefor the TV so it was great because we played a lot at this game and I think I'm very strong.

3) Typical working day

I wake up at 8:30am, I took a shower and was dressing for 5 minutes. I went to the restaurant that was there in front then I started at 9am.
The chef de partie or de head chef gave me a list of preparations:
Normaly I start to do the garnish trail ( It's a trail used forthe service) for example :
Make the garlic oil ( Garlic with some olive oil mixed)
The pepper oil
Chopped shalots
grated parmesan
After I check my fridge because for the service I was at the cold starter so I look what I need and I complete.
To follow, I prep the stafffood for the lunch it was some beautiful sandwiches with sausages, bacon, cucumbers, mint, butter, cheese etc...
When the...