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Let’s see facts about my training period
I had to carry out a work placement from May 25th to June 25th 2010. I was a trainee in Bricoman Calais, it’s situated near Gemo, Kiabi, in Calais. I wasworked in the accounting department, and the administrative department. I was not in contact with customers, because, I was working in the offices. For me, finding an internship was not difficult,because I was in contact with an employee from Bricoman. It’s necessary to find a training place, because if you do not have an internship, you cannot pass in the second year. My 2 year courses inaccounting include two years.

Let’s describe my work.
I was working 35 hours per week, but I worked around 7 hours per day. I was working 5 days per week, the Monday, the Tuesday, the Wednesday, theThursday and the Friday because the administrative department is closed on Saturday. I was working alone, because I was working on the computer, I was taking notes…, but sometimes I worked with my mentorfor the mistakes that she checked I was responsible for minor activities.
I found that the activities were easy: they included
- Taking care of invoices.
- Sending mail.
I found that an activitywas difficult: It included
- Avoiding making mistakes.
I found that an activity was interesting to carry out. It included
- Controlling the customers’ accounts.

Let’s define my role in the firm
Iwas responsible for checking invoices, finding mistakes, recording information and studying files. I had enough time to study my professional report, because when I had free time, I could work on myinternship report. The new activity that I found during the internship is to know how to share work. During my internship, it was possible to gain new things. I learnt how to receive criticism, askfor help when I need it. I worked with different people, we were not many in our department, and there was my mentor, another employee and me.

Let’s conclude on my training period.
The final...