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(International Work Experience)

Mallorca, Balearic Island,

Gauthier BRANCHE

* Introduction

I. Presentation
* Mallorca
* Roc Hotel

II. Experience
* My jobs
1. Barman/Waiter
2. Waiter
3. Cash machine responsible

* What I did when I didn’t work

III. Rapport d’étonnement

* Cultural differences between France andSpain
1) At work
2) Outside (in the street or other)

* Conclusion

For my school I had to do a travel in an other country in the goal to have an experience of work at the stranger.
To find my summer job, I’d ask to an organism who’s calling “Inter Séjour”. With the help of this organism I found a job in an hotel in Mallorca where I will be fed accommodated and pay.
Itwas a four stars hotel of the chaine “ROC Hotel”.
I am arrived in the airport of Palma the 19 june (it was a Saturday), and did knowledge with the director of the hotel who explained me what job I will do, my schedules and when will be my day-off. And I got my uniform for the work.
After that some French student like me who were there for the same reasons than me shew me where I’ll live forthe next three months.
I started to work the Tuesday of the next week, so during my two free days, I have taken the time to discover a little the city of Palma (the capital) and to familiarize me with the neighbourhoods d' where I lived.

I. Presentation

* Mallorca
Mallorca is the biggest island of the Balearic Island.
She is situated in the Mediterranean Sea. There are 814 275inhabitants.
The first resource of this island is the tourism, indeed 70% of its PIB come from the tourism.
There are a lot of strangers who go in Mallorca for the holidays or to live. 7% of the population is from Germany.
The tourist influx became more varied (origins(background) and lifestyles), with a growing part of Europeans' immigration of the North coming to settle down permanently.Nevertheless, for some years, this "baléarisation" is more and more checked by the local government, avid to protect its heritage, its culture and his language. Numerous zones were decreed "nature reserves", so protecting the coast against this anarchy expansion.

Map of Mallorca

* ROC Hotel
The ROC Hotel of Illetas, in Mallorca is a four stars hotel. The director of this hotel is called RamonRamos.
This hotel offered many services paying or free :
* Swimming-pool
* Jacuzzi
* Restaurant (for the breakfeast and the dinner)*
* Bar Cafeteria and Swimming pool bar
* Rent a car
* Some activities with partners (Jet Ski, walk with horse…)

*The prices for the restaurant :
* For the breakfast, 5€ for the childrens under 12 years old, and 10€ for the adults andthe childrens of more than 12 years old.

* For the dinner, 9€ for the childrens under 12 years old, and 18€ for the adults and the childrens of more than 12 years old.

However it exist 3 possibility in the choice of the formula during the reservation :
* Half-pension → the clients doesn’t need to pay when he eat because the meals are included in the price of the reservation.
* Justbreakfast → the clients doesn’t need to pay the breakfast but must pay the dinner
* Just dwelling → the clients must pay the meals (breakfast and dinner)

ROC Hotel
II. Experience

* My jobs
I started to work the Tuesday 22 of june.
My first job was to be a barman during the day, and a waiter during the evening.
The first day of work was very difficult because I didn’t knowwhat I had to do because of the director, because all the students who worked with me didn’t had any formation before to start so I had to learn the work by my mind and ask many things to learn.

a) Barman
When I was in the bar during the day, my job was to make some drink for the clients and serve them, but it was very difficult at the beginning to wear the platter with all the glasses,...