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Rapport d’expérience
dans une pays
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Streetcraft Ldt
Internship July-12th / September 5th


Table of Contents

I) Business, presentation and work

II) Professional and cultural experienceA-Technique and skills used at work

B-What have you notices about the society the environment, the business, the men and their behaviour?

C-What are the difficulties you faced and how have you dealt with that?

III) Conclusion

A-Improvement of your job to yourself, knowledge added, personal criticisms about your personal behaviourB-Improvement of your CV thanks to your professional experience.

I) Business, presentation and work

As a part of my studies, I have done my work experience in a Malta firm “Streetcraft”
based in Valetta.

1. Presentation of the company

I realized my internship in the Streetcraft Company. Streetcraft is a company that sells jewellery andaccessories. The manager Mr EAREVIN CAREVIC, have 3 stores in Malta.
These stores are located:
Streetcraft -54 Main Street Zabbar :
Streetcraft-740 High Street Hamrun :
Streetcraft -16 St Lucy Street Valletta
There is an employee in each company and the opening hours are: 9H -13H And 14H-17H
The company sells cultured pearls, stones and jewellery. Some Accessories are imported from Italy,because the producte are more
Street craft is a company registered in the register committee crafts Maltese, Maltese Crafts Council. Streetcraft, it pays a Tax: 120Lm, for to be recorded in this council.

This certification to ensure that products sold are authentic handicraft products made in Malta in accordance with the conditions stipulated in the Act XXI of 2000.(Email:maltacrafts@gov.mt)

The company must make a certificate of certification for each product sold crafts.

The company has a website to promote these products:

›The products

The products craft are made by the manager himself and his wife.
But some of the products like necklaces,bracelets, swimsuit, purse, below feminine perfumes, makeup, belts, and scarves are imported from Italy and China at very low prices. The manager made trips back Malta / Italy, once a month to renew the products. Italy is at 2 hours by air routes.

The Streetcraft company:


The majority of clients are women and girls who want to stay in fashion; they want good qualityand low prices. In general, the turnover average daily companies are 200 Lm (600euros).
The manager has decided to open a business Streetcraft in Italy, it will open in 2009.

The manager of the company is not own the land, it must pay a daily taxe directly to the owners of the site.

The company's products are subject to VAT at 18%. It is paying a quarterly basis.
The manager hasan accountant who manages accountancy of the 3 stores.

› The missions

In the firm my missions are:

-To learn different techniques of manufacturing costume jewellery, and applying the same knowledge to make new designs

-To practice speak English with customers, by helping them to choose and buy firm products.

-To involved in discussion about new improvements in companymanagement, find new designs, and marketing solutions on regular basis

II)Professional and cultural experience

A) Techniques and skills used at work.

When I started to work in this Jewellery, my manager taught me everything I need to know to be the more efficient. So I didn’t really apply any techniques. I just tried to do provide the best service by smiling, listening and...