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Promotion 2012

Welcome to New Romney

Kent, United Kingdom

From 04/01/2010 to 02/04/2010


First of all, I would like to thank some people as Dino JOHNSON who permitted me to do my internship in his company; and every people I met and I worked with.
Moreover, Ryan STORRAR who gave me somework and helped me when I was in the Account department.
But, I would like to thank particularly all the people who worked with me in Event department:
* Thibaut TIMMERMANS, who gave me the basis I needed to work in my new department and who explained me the petty cash functioning and everything about the theories as calculations, numbers and address of cinema, clubs, etc.

* Pieter VANHERK, who helped me to write my first SIMS correctly, without English errors and lots of smiles.

* Pasquale SIMONETTA, who helped me to trust in myself and to dare to speak for negotiations or other things.

* Sandra NEUMANN, who I worked with during one week about future events.

* Philipp CONRAD, who was a good worker thanks I learned that we can do better and better, nothing isimpossible to improve.

Above of that, I would like to thank PARTICULARY Marc MARTSCHEVSKI who gave me quickly, lots of responsibilities. He integrated me directly in his plan. (The Gala night and the Valentine’s Day) He showed me how to negotiate, the behavior to adopt with each kind of people and los more. Thank you.




a. What aboutStudios92?
b. Structure
c. How does the recruitment work?
d. The SWOT analysis


a. Accounting Department
b. Event Department




I did my internship in Studios92, which is in New Romney, KENT, ENGLAND.
I found it on the internet. Indeed, I wrote “Internship UK” because I wanted to go there and Ifound the website, which was the first on the list. I filled the application up. After an interview on Skype, I received an e-mail to confirm I was accepted.

Thanks to this internship report, I will explain why I changed of department, what I learned in Event department - no in the Accounting department department because I didn’t learn nothing special I didn’t know before in this department- ; problems that I had when I wanted to realize my plans, so the differences between the theory part and the practical part.
Moreover, I will explain how they show me to promote each event, in different ways and how to use the Event calendar as promotion. I’m going to tell you how they showed me to calculate each price and how to use the event petty cash.
So first of all, I will deal with thestructure of the company, its partners, how you can integrate Studios92 and I will make the SWOT analysis. Then, I will explain the tasks I had in each department - so, Accounting and Event - . To finish this internship report, I will speak about the cultural differences that I noticed between this English company and a French company.

I was regarding, thanks to this internship, to improve myEnglish, to make some network relations for the future, to discover a new country with a different culture and way of life and above all to be more mature, self-confidence and self-sufficient.


a. What about Studios92?
Studios92 is an online reservation company for theatre tickets, musical tickets and particularly for accommodation. Founded in August 2001, the firmhas already over 2000 of partners and manages over 100 websites.

Studios92 has some subsidiaries as follow:
Studio-Solution is an e-based accommodation services in Europe. The firm manages over 100 websites of online reservations of studios, hostels, hotels and flat-shares in London and the rest of the world.
365CPS: 365 CPS Ltd 365CPS Ltd...