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Management assistant degree
Years 2010/2011



Introduction :

My name is Meriam BELALIA, I have been enrolled in a work and study program for two years, where I was both studyingat school and working as a management assistant for the ELEOS Energies & Immotique Company, at Valenton.
I chose this work and study program to gain valuable professional experience as well as a relevant degree. As a result, my schedule and workload have been quite difficult to handle during these two years but it gave me the opportunity to practice in my company all the things I learnt atschool. Starting in a small company allowed me to multi task. I did not expect to start my career in the building trade sector but I do not regret this choice at all, I would even say that it is an interesting field where I got to learn a lot.

Presentation of ELEOS Energies & Immotique

ELEOS Energies & Immotique is a company specialized in electric setups in all kind of premises. It isa business-to-business company, only working with professionals. The company is employing 14 people, including 4 apprentices. We are located in the Paris suburbs, in Valenton. The company was founded 2 years ago. Our suppliers are mostly into the building trade sector. We have implemented an environmental policy by signing a contract with a partner specialized in recycling all the waste thatcannot be thrown away in the usual way. The company owns 5 vehicles, along with material that can be used by all of the employees in order to work as efficiently as possible. Every year we renew the professional equipment used by the workers. The company also owns a warehouse where the workers can put all the unused material or the vehicles when they are on holidays. To make sure that all theseinvestments are protected, the company bought a video supervision system.

My tasks within the company

I can divide my tasks into three main categories. I have administrative, commercial and accounting duties.
When it comes to accounting, every month I have to list all the suppliers and clients bills, as well as expense reports, and an accountant comes to check my work, in order to declare thevalue-added tax later on.
My administrative tasks include dealing with each employee’s file, and also paid holidays and mail management. I also chase clients and suppliers up, pay suppliers and make sure that clients pay on time. I work with a law firm to create different contracts specific to the building trade sector and with an accounting firm specialized in the social aspect to handle thepayment of payroll charges and the management of paid holidays, which are directly wired to a specific fund. During these 2 years, I also contributed to the realization of a project based on prevention and safety. We have worked with the help of a board specialized in this field in order to implement all the mandatory display and device within the company to raise awareness among the employees.My professional experience

These two years as a part of the company have taught me a lot of positive things and have helped me boost my self confidence. First of all, I have matured professionally by learning many new aspects of the working life and by gradually gaining more responsibilities. A work and study program is demanding but it is a good opportunity and the best way to daily practicewhat you learn at school. The structure of a small company brings a know-how because everything is centralized and tasks are varied. It gave me a chance to see all the aspects of the day to day management of a company. ELEOS brings a cohesion among its workers which helps to create professional bonds but also a good ambiance and a daily enthusiasm.

Nevertheless, the work and study program is...