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I] Historical and Political Survey (= etude)
1. The Tudor Dynasty.
The acts of supremacy and uniformity in 1559.Elisabeth 1st was the queen of England and Ireland (1558-1603). She bellows to the Tudor because she was the daughter of Henri 8th. Henri 8th had 6 wives. The mostimportant picture of Henri reign was the foundation of Anglican Church. The church refuses him to divorce, so he must to left Catholicism. He arrived at the head of the Anglican Church. In 1559 the actsof Supremacy and Uniformity appeared. This was to make sure that the Church of England would remain a national church. [At first the Catholics and the Protestants were persecuted then, when Elizabeth1 became the new queen of England, protestant was tolerated but Catholics were still persecuted.]

2. England’s supremacy
At that time England was the leader of the western word with the expansionof English trade thanks to England naval supremacy over the other important power (Spain). The Spanish Armada was sent to invade England but it was defeated in 1588: that was the destruction of theinvisible Armada.
3. The Renaissance
This is the period of Renaissance all over Europe. There were geographical discoveries: Exploration of the new world (America); and intellectual discoveries asthe language: Latin, which is the language of books. In this book he challenges medieval cosmic word, proving that sun was the center of the cosmic world. (Copernicus).

II] The Elizabeth worldPicture
1. Hierarchy
There is an order in this universe. Everything in Heaven and earth has his own place. Hierarchy prevails in Heaven since of course; there is God at the top, then arch angel, and herangels. The same hierarchy prevails on earth on the top there is a Queen/King then the princess, then the aristocrat and then the people. At that time the king had divine rights.

2. Chaos