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Presentation of the company and my missions The place where I worked is named : “Serpentine Bar and Kitchen” and is located in Hyde Park, a big park in the south-west of London. It is a restaurant of Benugo : a company originally specialized in coffee shops which started a few months ago to open real restaurants over London (in the national museum or Hyde park for example). It is a prettybig place (more than 350 coverts) with a huge terrace in a center of a park, which attract a lot of people on sunny days. The staff was numerous for a restaurant (about 40 people) and international (Brazilians, Italians, Spanish, Australians,…) so I was able to practice either English and Spanish. The schedules were from 8 A.M. to 11 P.M., so the working days were long (about 45 hours a week).{draw:frame}
The policy of this place is that they use good and fresh products that they made themselves. Actually, the stocks of cakes, muffins, smoothies, etc. are from Benugo’s factories. Moreover, plus the kitchen that makes meals, there is also another kitchen that makes the cookies, sandwiches and salads the morning.
Concerning the internal organization, the hierarchy was divided incategories : general manager at the top, followed by the assistant manager, the manager in training, the team leaders, the section leaders, the team members and the team members in training. When I arrived, I was considered as a team member in training so I earned the minimum wage (5,73£/hour) ; after a month of work, I became team member and the progression can continue if you keep working in theplace. You can become a section leader if you work for more than 3 months (and if you ask for it) and you are then responsible for a section (kitchen, floor, bar, coffee, etc.). Then after maybe a year, you can become a team leader and command all the staff for the manager, and if you keep going, you can become a manager just with time (and no diplomas). Some people can be manager only with theirskills and formations but they still need to work some time as a simple team member to see the reality of the work and of the place. These promotions are of course followed by significant increases of wages.
My missions As I was only here for a summer job, my missions in the company were pretty basic. Indeed, I was asked to do some waiting mainly, but also cleaning or bartending. After a month of work, I was able to do the till so I could see how this company was earning a lot of money (15000£ on a Sunday for example). My shifts were mostly the afternoon and the evening (from 2 P.M. to 11 P.M.) and I was quickly asked to take care of the terrace and to close it at the end of the day. I think my managers were quite satisfied of my work because they let me takecare of my section without giving me instructions after only a week. I liked it because I felt like I was independent and I enjoyed to work outside when the weather was good. I also worked as a kitchen porter when they were having their break, here again I was not asked to do it but I decided to replace them so that the restaurant was not overwhelmed by the dirty dishes.
Professional andcultural experience {text:list-item} At the beginning of my trip, I was encountering difficulties in finding a job (actually, I waited 3 weeks before finding). I went in every coffees or restaurant to give my CV but I get no response for a long time, I also applied online by using www.gumtree.co.uk but with no responses. As I couldn’t find a job in London, I tried to search in another town.So I went to Guildford, a medium-sized touristic city in the south of London where a friend of mine was doing her internship. I applied in a restaurant and get a trial period. As this restaurant was looking for experienced waiters, I didn’t get the job and had to go back to London. But this was a good finally because a week after this episode, I applied online a get an interview to work in...