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Ever wondered what Bob Marley was singing about when referring to to 'I and I' in his songs? Well the key is in understanding the Rastafarian culture and believes which is not considered a religionbut more as a way of life.
In the 1920 s Jamaican people were living in poverty and felt that their culture was being destroyed by white imperialism. A man named MarcusGarvey changed that when he began to preach a new philosophy "Back to Africa". He spoke of the redemption of black people through a future black African King. 10 years later in 1930 in Ethiopia hisprophetic statement resonated when a black African named Ras Tafari Makonnen was proclaimed emperor. He claimed for himself the titles of "Emperor Haile Selassie 1" "Conquering Lion of the tribe ofJudah" "Elect of God" and "The King of the Kings of Ethiopia". His throne represented the throne of God on earth; he is the manifestation of God or 'Jah ' as they call him. Rastafarians worship HaileSelassie as the living God, some believe he is the second coming of Christ prophesied in the Bible. As the Rastafarian movement grew God became identified with blacks, they became to believe thatSelassie was the true Jesus found in Christianity and that white people tricked the world into believing otherwise. This is why they call whites Babylon as the avaricious, greedy and impure. Whites cannever be Rasta leaders though because the divine lineage is essentially black. Haile Selassie visited Jamaica on April 21, 1966; they continue to celebrate this holy day. The key doctrine of Rastafarianshad been their expectation that they would one day return to Africa considering that Ethiopia is their promised land and that blacks have been in exile in Jamaica at the hands of whites. In 1975Selassie died under mysterious circumstances but many Rastas refused to believe his death insisting that it’s a white media conspiracy, some believed that his atoms were spread throughout the world and...