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EXPO sur Ray Charles
Hello everybody .today i will talk about a personality. I think that everybody here know this star . I’m am really fan of this celebrity so it was fun for me to make thisstudy about this person. nevertheless I don’t tell the name of this person because I want that you guess who he is or who she is? at the beginning of this talk I imagine It will be difficult for you tofind because I will give you some general information about his or her life ,but little by little It will be easier for you to discover because I will be more precise. We are in this master since 10months .So you know my personality and I what I like. So Maybe you have already found who is this person. Before starting I let each of you to give me one name. Unfortunately you are not very interestingabout what I like but it is sad but it’s not very important . I will start the introduction To begin I have to say that he is a man, he was born in America more precisely in Albany which is the cityin the north east of usa. Physically ,he has black hair and brown eyes. He s not very tall about 1.75 meters and his weighs is about 77 kilos. so he is rather slim.
So start his biography.concerning his early life we can say that he had a terribly childhood, He had grow up in a very poor family. He say that when he was a child he couldn’t eat every day because his mother didn’t earn enoughmoney . he had never know his father because he died before his birth. Moreover when he was young he saw his brother dying in front of him without he could do anything to save his life. He had suffer allhis life becaue of this experience. Futhermore when he was 7 years old he discovered that he had an important medical problem. This is was about his childhood
I will give the reason why I’m am fanof this person. There many reason; hegot talent ,he is a very good singer ,a great musician and a fabulous composer ,everybody called him “the genius” . He can play many musical instruments for...