Realisme henry james

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The approach of realism in the American literature come after the change that America underwent
after the civil war that occurred between 1861 and 1864. By then, the United State of Americaachieved sign of modern society. As a result, the States knew the new composition of the society
through immigration, which led to the new shape of the American culture and the new
approaches toliterature. One of the main streams was realism, which is an understanding of reality
that is based on experience and observation. This stands on the opposite side Romanticism. Henry James was of themain figures who belongs to realistic school. His Novel Daisy Miller, stands as a corner stone in the approach of realism. Thus, to what extent, H. James was able to apply the rules of realism in thisnovel ?

In his novel, Daisy Miller, Henry James was using a simple, understandable style. He had been introducing experinces of his characters in the plot as it really existed in the real life.To explain, he developed realistic characters in his novel from date to date life. To illustare, Daisy is the epitome of this type. She is a sample of American people who are filled with fun, but atthe same time shows a lot of ignorance about the qualities of the american traditions. Thus, her tragic ends was expected.

This novel reflects also the life of Henry James himself and his surronding,he is like most of his characters, born into a wealthy family and was able to travel through his life to many other parts of the world. Accordingly, James was able to portray the life of the highclass society with much success. However, he was faithful to his realistic approach, as he showed that all is not smooth and easy at the upper class. For example, he refered to the clash between theinnocent of the American individuals and the traditional european society.

Henry James explained his realism in the novel, when he stands against the romantic approach. The latter believe that in a...