Reality tv

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Reality TV


1. Definition and concept
2. Where does TV reality come from?
3. Different types of reality TV


Television is one of the greatest achievementsof the 20 th century. This is the most popular media. Today every family has a TV set. When TV first appeared it main purpose was to give official information to people. Today, the programs arevarious and people have a chance to select what they want to see. I'll try to talk you about reality TV.

1. Definition and concept

Reality TV (1) is a genre of television that presents officiallydramatic or humorous situations unscripted, and features ordinary people instead of those professional actors.
Usually, in the style of soap opera, it follows the daily lives of ordinary people orcelebrities. In the case of the celebrities, generally we put them in scene in domains very far of their specialty. Often it copies some TV genre such as documentaries, games, variety or fiction.

Wecould say these emissions have a large side voyeuristic because the spectators have the impression to observe the intimacy of the people.

The principle is : gifts to film ordinary people in situationsinspired of real situations.

2. Where does TV reality come from?

Since the years 4O' there are emissions which film the everyday life of people: Candid Camera where people react to the pranksappears in 1948.
AktenzeichenXY where the public can solve criminal businesses thanks to reconstitutions is diffused in Germany by ZDF since 1967.
In 1973, the chain PBS is a little further filmingthe private life of people, they diffuse An American Family where we can follow the divorce of a couple in 12 episodes. This emission is taken again in the United Kingdom in 1974 under the name ofThe Family and in Australia in 1992 under the name of Sylvania Waters.
In 1987, there are not less than 37 emissions of TV reality in the USA.
In France, this type of emissions begins in 1990 with...