Red bull

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Presentation of Red Bull History Red Bull is a stimulation drink created by Dietrich Mateschitz. This drink has a particular story because of its composition. The market didn’t exist forthe moment but Dietrich Mateschitz decided to create it with an original strategy based on the communication. RedBull was launched in 1987 in the Austrian market with cannette of 25 cL blue andsilvered. The product was supported by advertising with a cartoon, the slogan “Red Bull gives you wings”, and a partnership with extreme sports. The company is established in the city of Fuschl am See inAustria. The drink was forbidden in certain European countries (for example, France or Swiss). The interdiction is due to precaution concerning possible effects of taurine and caffeine. Keysnumbers 4 613 employees in 2008 66 million canette sold in France in 2008 Product authorized in 25 European countries 450 millions of Euros: consecrated to sport sponsoring per year (represented 15%of the turnover) 2, 5 billions cannette sold per year in the world The product Why this product is so successful? Red Bull is a stimulation drink which was much debated. In fact, itscomponents the taurine and the caffeine can have negative effects on people who consume the product. Red Bull as not the connotation of a simple drink, it’s not alcohol, coca, but a strange drink whichcreates mystery and danger. That’s why this product attracts a certain type of consumers. Who are these consumers of stimulation drinks? Globally, the principal consumers of Red Bull are young people,teenagers and students. Red Bull can be drunk in a lot of occasion and place: sports club, night club, at work…everything is realized in order to attract these categories of consumers. Red Bull is aspecial product, which creates a real debate concerning health, sports but also communication. That’s why I have decided to deal with the communication of Red Bull because everything in the company...