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  • Publié le : 5 novembre 2009
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My dearest Katy,
I’m sorry for not writing sooner but I was extremely busy during these few days. I was planning on sending you a letter onarrival at San Francisco but everything’s been so crazy and hectic here. I hope everything’s well at your end.
The most amazing thing happened tome yesterday after the job of lyricist was given to me. One of America’s favourite producers told me to write a song. I was thrilled and yet, Iwas nervous. It was a challenge at first, but I then decided to wander in the city at night for some time and I suddenly found my inspiration.Loads of great ideas barged in my head; I started writing them down. The song is all about life in San Francisco viewed by the eye of astranger. The producer was very happy with my work; I never thought he’d be interested. I was extremely surprised knowing that I failed back in London.Composing in San Francisco is amazing! It’s a shame I didn’t find my inspiration in my own hometown, where I always lived and where you are. Imiss you very much. I regret sometimes leaving you there on your own but I didn’t want you to go through all that pressure, especially if thingsdidn’t work out well for me. I really hope I’ll keep up my good work so that we can have a comfortable life here. Yes, I am planning on bringingyou here for you to stay by my side all the time.
Anyway, I’ve got to go now. Hope I’ll be hearing from you soon.
Thinking of you,