Redwood nationnal park's history

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Redwood’s National Park’s history:
Redwood’s National Park was created on the second of October nineteen sixty eight, and grew up on the twenty seventh of March nineteen seventy eight,ten years after its creation.
Before the arrival of the first Europeans, the forest represented eight hundred thousand hectares of North California cost.
This area had been occupiedby the Amerindians since three thousand years. During the sixteen century, Spanish, Russians and English explorers frequented the littoral, next to the current park, and made the draft offurs. Until nineteen twenty eight, Europeans didn’t investigate the inside of this part of North California.
In the middle of the sixteenth century, a gold rush attracted miners andwoodcutters who started the deforestation and the mining. Gold was found next to the forest and its exploitation changed the region. The Amerindians were driven away and sometimesmassacred.
In nineteen eleven, John Raker was the first politic to propose the creation of a national park but he didn’t find supports. Then, a league denounced the logging in nineteen twenty,its name is ‘Save-The-Redwood League’.
In the Sixties, Ninety percent of the forest was already exploited. A law was adopted and the park created.
The protected area became bigger offorty thousand hectares. In nineteen seventy eight, it gained nineteen more hectares. But only twenty percent of these lands are covered by trees.
On the fifth of September nineteeneighty, the United Nations decided to register the Redwood’s National Park on the list of the World Heritage of the Humanity. The UNESCO recognized this park as a reserve of biosphere onthe thirtieth of June nineteen eighty three.
Finally, thanks to its particular landscapes, the region was the setting of lots of famous films like Star Wars, Jurassic Park, E.T., (etc.)